outside in

are a industrial product invention, design, development and marketing company with offices near Lausanne, Switzerland. Its competence has been successfully applied in a variety of business sectors from industrial products to luxury goods. It undertakes  commissioned product invention projects,  licenses  proprietary concepts and products and assists in marketing and retail development

its  speciality

Enhancing company value through the invention and commercialisation of new products and packages which match company heritage and competence with human need.

its  capability

• Experienced in designing for  travel retailing,  luxury goods (watches and jewellery),  industrial packaging (consumer and food),  footwear,  small leather goods  and toy sectors

• Established relationships with quality brand companies and producers world-wide.

• Expert  knowledge in product development and manufacture

• Experienced in the development and implementation of marketing, communications and retailing strategies.

• Numerous  WW patents achieved for own products and for client companies


info@outside-in.ch for information on how we may help with your product creation  and marketing communications needs.

Clients and Projects