Unique Editions

A Mechanical Walking Stick

A prominent Singapore businessman and client of Roland Iten commissioned Roland to create a Unique Edition Mechanical Walking Stick for  his  father entering his silver years.   The design challenge was to use materials such as gold, titanium and other precious materials to create an object befitting of the Gentlemen's stature, while at the same time,  managing the weight and incorporating the mechanical flair and fittness for purpose.      

The result is a collapsible cane structure with mechanical handle entirely made from titanium and gold with plastic resin in-lays strategically placed for ergonomic comfort.  The handle has  a "secret chamber" which houses a magnifying loop, the opening and closing which can be effortlessly manipulated with one hand, especially relevant for the owner -- a retired prominent business executive  possessing an  infinite curiosity about the world. 

The gift of enhanced sight is not the only feature of this unusual piece.  The incredibly rich feel and sound of gold clicking through a titanium architecture makes opening and closing the loop an additional  celebratory event  for the senses.  

Beautifully engraved* on one side of the chamber with the Chinese Unicorn,  long reverred  as the great distinguisher between good and evil,  and on the other side with the owner's initials,  makes this Unique Edition Walking stick a truly personal piece. 

*Engravings in collaboration with Kees Englebert 

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The Calibre R82 Mark I Mechanically Performing Belt Buckle – Codename: COBRA

The Calibre R82  "Unique Piece"  employs, without a doubt, the most complicated calibration mechanism ever created by  ROLAND ITEN to date with over 150 engineered parts.   You may be interested to know that Roland created this unique piece  in response to a challenge  to create a highly complex mechanically performing belt buckle calibre whose outward appearance is one of sobriety and discretion.  In contrast, therefore,  to the serious mechanics which comprise this buckle calibre  it reveals no more than a traditional solid gold frame.  

Moreover,  Roland experimented with at least five separate mechanical  precepts in the creation of this buckle, such precepts which have since been patented and which together cover a broad spectrum of possibilities avaiible for the creation of  mechanical expansion and/or calibration, thereby securing a very strong competitive position for Roland Iten Mechanical Luxury in this domain.  

The principle upon which the R82 functions is tension. With one smooth movement, the buckle lever transports the ardillon across the carriage by 35mm. The same lever movement tightens two integrated springs in the hinges on either side of the buckle which activates a locking mechanism securing the buckle in the active wear position. To convert the buckle to the relaxed position, two side triggers are employed which ejects the buckle lever instantly, thereby releasing the tension. The stealth speed at which this belt performs has inspired its code name 'COBRA'.

The R82 COBRA has enormous sentimental value to Roland iten because of the circumstances under which this unique piece was developed.  There have been requests to purchase this piece, however,  to date, Roland has declined and it would appear that this particular Unique Edition piece will remain in the Roland Iten Historical Archive for many years to come.  

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The 10th Anniversary Madrid Open Commemorative Trophy for Ion Tiriac – Codename: SCALA DEI

Novak Djokovic won the  tenth edition of the Mutua Madrid Open on the 29th April 2011 and had the  honour to lift, for the first time in tennis history,  the most complicated trophy ever made. The "Ion Tiriac Trophy"-- expressly created and designed by Roland Iten.  In Ion Tiriac's view, the Madrid Open is different to every tournament in the world, and therefore, on the celebration of its 10th anniversary,  he wanted it commemorated with a new trophy that would dedicated to the event from each year forward,  and that would  be different than any other trophy in the world.

Its no wonder therefore, that he would team up with Roland Iten. The brief given was precise and ambitious, just like the master of tennis himself.   Said Mr. Tiriac to Mr. Iten: "Create a trophy like no other, and one which honours every tennis player who ever made history in the game".

To begin the creation process, Roland took off to Spain for inspiration. He rented a castle high in the hills of Catalana and began sketching. In the same small village was a winery where Roland discovered a magnificant Spanish wine called "Scala Dei" -- literal translation-- Stairway to Heaven. The concept of the staircase to heaven fascinated Roland and became his inspiration for the trophy design and remains today its "unofficial" name.

Said Roland: I needed to find a design solution which honoured all the tennis greats equally. Winning a grand slam in 1970 involved a different skill set than it does today, not better or worse, just different. And each of the tennis players that have made history in the sport, from McEnroe to Williams, from Federer to Nadal, and to Margaret Smith herself, possess their own individual skill and style. So I created a small column, and I wrapped around it small tennis rackets, each racket inscribed with the name of the individual players who have won the most grand slams of all time. The 32 rackets comprise the 'staircase' and each step is as important as the other, because if one step is missing, the staircase is incomplete".

On the top of the trophy is a tennis ball in honour of Ion Tiriac, a relentless advocate of the sport and at the base of the trophy is a black obsidian "globe", with the continents represented in plates of solid gold. One solitaire diamond marks Madrid and the globe is supported by 10 columns symbolising the world's ten most important championships.

The "one of a kind" trophy is the result of over 12 months of design and collaboration and its manufacture has been expertly executed by Wempe Atelier in Germany.

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The R8 Mark I Unique Edition for Roger Federer

Roger Federer is to date, the only Sportsman in history to have won the prestigious Laureus Award four times consecutively and therefore, it was an honour for Roland Iten when Johan Rupert, owner of The Richemont Group, chose to commemorate this unique event with an equally unique gift to Roger of a Roland Iten R8 Mark I Mechanically Performing belt buckle in solid white gold and engraved with his name and Laureus emblem.

Housed in a specially made wooden case reminiscent of a tennis racket and in the colours of the Laureus , it is not certain that Roger has ever actually worn the piece as belt buckle. We believe he prefers to keep it among his most prized possessions in his trophy room making this piece one of the world's most valuable "Roland iten" collectibles.

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