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The R8 Mark I Mechanically Performing Belt Buckle

The Calibre R8 MK I Mechanical Belt Buckle was created by Roland Iten in 2003 and was an extraordinary evolution of a very simple three-component expandable mechanism patent which Roland Iten created and licensed to Bally in 1996. When it launched at Baselworld in 2004, the R8 MKI solid gold and titanium, five-axle construction belt buckle, engineered in over 110 custom-made, mechanical pieces and designed to provide an extra 35mm of girth with the flip of a lever, revolutionised how collectors viewed the belt buckle.

Even more so, the R8 MKI Mechanical belt buckle opened the eyes of entire watch industry as to what else could be achieved with the high precision mechanical machines used, until then, only for the production of watch cases and components. Virtually overnight, Roland Iten became known as the pioneer of 'mechanical luxury'- a new segment in the high end watch and jewelery market, to which Roland Iten remains today its  most  serious contender.

And as with all Roland Iten creations, the Calibre R8 MK I mechanical belt buckle collection was made in a limited and numbered series, and accompanied by a Roland Iten hand-signed certificate of authenticity and warranty. We are very proud to count Jackie Chan, Roger Federer, Valery Gregiev, Sylvester Stallone and other prominent businessmen, oligarchs and sheikhs among the owners of this very special collection. Today, very few pieces remain of this limited edition series which trail-blazed the mechanical belt buckle and for this reason,  as of  2011 it was taken out of the main  Mechanical Luxury collection of the Roland Iten Company.  Please contact us for information on retailers who may still have limited pieces of the *AUTHENTIC  R8 MKI series created and signed by Roland Iten. 

*Beware of reproductions. 

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