A man who wears a solid gold horological machine on his wrist is not wearing it because it tells time.  He wears it to celebrate the core values of tradition, unique craft and timeless beauty.  These are the same core values built into the mechanically performing belt buckles that I create and they are appreciated by the same discerning client.

—Roland Iten

Why Mechanical Belt Buckles ?

Roland: "When the R8 Authentic collection launched in 2004, one of our very first clients was a prominent attorney in Milan who is also one of the leading contemporary historians of the belt buckle and an avid collector. He had printed three volumes dedicated to the belt buckle from its inception in circa 300 BC up to 1950, and of course, I was honoured when he chose the R8 belt buckle to adorn the cover of his fourth volume, the modern belt buckle. He explained that his reason for choosing it was because many have forgotten that originally, the belt was invented as a functional tool, and for many centuries, the belt evolved based on its functional utility for hunting and/or for military purposes. It was not until the late 19th century that the belt evolved into an ornamental, aesthetic device to hold up one’s pants, and today, not even that activity is a necessary performance criterion for the modern belt. My belt designs, he explained, have put the functional utility back into the belt buckle for the modern man."

By utilising the high precision mechanics capability of the Swiss watch making industry, and creating patentable mechanisms which are employed in the buckle, Roland Iten creates solid gold and titanium instruments that allow the modern man the simple luxury of contemplated calibration. Each of his belt buckle collections are created from individually designed, custom made, moveable mechanical solid gold, and titanium or solid gold and steel pieces. Roland: "The kick is that they are touchable mechanics. You can hold it in your hand, inspect it, move it, and say to yourself, ‘hey, I get that—I know how it works’. "

Mechanical Luxury for Gentlemen™