The Calibre R8 Mark II Collection

The Calibre R8 Mark II Precious Mechanically Performing Belt Buckle

Should you need to manoeuvre to and from a low seated sports car, or effortlessly tuck in your shirt to neaten it, the Calibre R8 MK II Mechanically performing  belt buckles collection offers a highly technical yet elegant solution.

The R8 Mark II collection is the perfect marriage of traditional craft and the high quality Swiss micro-mechanics found in fine watch making. The mechanical precision and attention to detail achieved by Switzerland's premium horology experts is intelligently translated into the manufacture of this extraordinary collection.

The R8 MKII is an evolution of the original HE 8 / R8 MK I collection created by Roland Iten in 2003. The unique feature of the MK II is the modernised and patented "double ardillon tang" which grips the leather strap more securely, safeguards its longevity and affords a smoother expansion and contraction.

The one-handed lever system assures that the adjustments can be made with ease and discretion, offering exactly 35mm expansion - the two thumb measurement a tailor will traditionally build into a custom made suit for added comfort.

The double ardillon (pin or tang) belt buckle dates back to the 15th century.  At that time, belts and leather straps were used by the military as versatile and practical weapons carriers, supporting the officer's pistol and sword. Double ardillons on the buckle distributed the weight more evenly over the belt than a single pin, thus ensuring that the leather strap lasted longer.  While the battles fought by today's Officers and Gentlemen are more likely to take place in the boardroom than the battle field, the raison d'etre for the double ardillon - increased longevity and added security - hasn't changed in over half a millennium.

Constructed in solid gold, and/or gold & steel and complemented with an engineered titanium architecture, this beautifully distinctive and functional belt buckle collection showcases a specialised five axel construction comprised from over 110 moveable roller bearings, plates, levers and hinges.

The R8 Mark II collection is 100% manufactured and hand-finished in Geneva, Switzerland in limited and numbered series in three derivations:  Precious, Sedan and Sport.

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