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ROLAND MAGNIN 1933 - 2009

September 13th, 2009

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing, on August 2, 2009 of one of the watch industry's most treasured visionaries-- Roland Magnin, founder of Magnin Bijouterie SA in Carouge. Roland is survived by his wife, Rosemarie, and his sons Patrick and Eric who continue to own and operate Magnin Bijouterie as the great family enterprise it has become since its founding in 1995. Magnin Bijouterie is known for its high level precision engineering and the high quality products and components which it produces. What is less known about Magnin Bijouterie is the vision and creativity that it applies to each project it undertakes-- attributes which have been en-grained in its culture by Roland Magnin and remains the driving passion of the company today.

It is entirely accurate to say that without Roland Magnin, the Calibre R8 Authentic collection would not have been produced. Roland Iten began dreaming to create and produce a hi-precision, finely crafted belt buckle in 2001. He took the first designs for the R8 to numerous Swiss watch producers in the summer of 2001, however, at the time, the capability to make both the micro and the larger components needed for the R8 collection was not yet prevalent in the industry, and certainly not all under one roof. Manufacturer after manufacturer said it could not be done-- until Roland Iten met Roland Magnin. Together, the two Rolands, under the steady and practical guidance of Patrick Magnin, made the impossible possible. Since then, not only the R8, but the R81 and R82 calibres have also been conceived, engineered and produced together with Magnin Bijouterie.

Roland Iten Mechanical Luxury owes an enormous debt and tremendous gratitude to this Gentle Man of few words and great deeds. He is sorely missed and will remain always in our hearts and minds as "the man who could".