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The MAN IN BLACK congratulates the Man in blue at Madrid Open Finals

May 14th, 2012

Its been called everything from the "weirdest trophy in the world" to the heaviest trophy to the most expensive trophy in the world,  but no matter how you perceive it,  one thing is sure,  every tennis pro wants to get his hands on it.   The privelege this year went to the King of Tennis himself   (and the new king of blue clay) Roger Federer and Roland Iten could not be more pleased.  According to Roland "I admire and respect all the players, but my secret wish this year was for Roger to win the trophy.  Its only appropriate as Roger is the only tennis player in recent history to have his name on the trophy-- and not just as one of the 32 steps*,  but as the number one position on the steps, and commemorating his  world record achievement as having won the most grand slams in tennis history"  


Will Smith's surprise appearance to accompany Ion Tiriac in awarding the trophy to Roger was an added treat.  And if that wasn't good enough,  the new king of blue received a commemorative "men in black" suit  jacket, complete with hat, shirt and sunglasses.  Now Roger can "dress up" as he parades his new trophy, and perhaps prompting a new description of the Ion Tiriac trophy designed by Roland Iten as the "most alien trophy in the world".  For highlights of the award ceremony with Ion Tiriac, Roger Federer and Will Smith,  click on this link:

*The "32 steps"  are the 32 tennis rackets on the  "Scala Dei" trophy, strategically placed by Roland Iten to symbolise a "staircase to tennis heaven"  walked by the 32 tennis players in history who have won the most grand slams.  Roger Federers position at the top of the staircase symbolises his world record position.