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INVICTUS "By invitation only"

November 21st, 2012

Congratulations to Michel Karsenti, publisher of Yachts Magazine worldwide and Altitudes business jets magazine, and to  his editorial team for turning out its inaugural issue of INVICTUS,  a "by invitation only" luxury publication which is so well written and full of rich content that it provides literally volumes (483 pages to be exact) of valuable industry information and entertainment to its readers--described as "6000 of the world's most influential and affluent  yacht and/or  private jet owners".  From a round up of yachting and aviation news around the globe to  the essential equipment that "no tender garage should be without",    this inaugural issue of INVICTUS delivers on its name-- it is, in our opinion , the new  "unconquered" winner in the field of luxury publications for Gentlemen. 

If you are one of the privileged members who have received this publication,  you won't want to miss the section entitled "Designer's Primary Influences-- Leading Designers discuss their sources of inspiration, dreams and aspirations"  to find out what makes the likes of Pasquale Natuzzi, Dickie Bannenberg, James Dyson and Roland Iten tick.  And for those of you not yet included in the members only mailing list,  find out what Roland Iten considers to be his "legacy" project by clicking on the link below:

If you are a yacht and/or private jet owner who has not yet entered Michel's radar but would like to receive  a copy of INVICTUS, contact us via this website and we will pass your details onto Michel.