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R60 Diablo 60.66-carat diamond

May 11th, 2015

 Diablo: A 60.66-carat diamond set into a Roland Iten R60 mechanical buckle

Geneva, May 8th 2015: Roland Iten, the pioneering inventor of mechanical luxury for gentlemen, and Claude Sfeir, world-renowned jewelry expert and watch collector, introduce an extraordinary accessory for gentlemen at Christie’s Private Sale in Geneva- the R60 Diablo, a mechanical belt buckle incorporating an exceptionally rare 60.66-carat cognac-colored diamond.

R60 Diablo Side

The Vision: It's not generally considered masculine in most societies for men to wear conspicuously large or eye-catching jewelry-- it’s the women who adorn themselves with the earth’s finest and largest gems and jewelry.

The collaboration between Iten and Sfeir, several months in the making have changed that.   Their shared vision is to place important stones discretely into the everyday repertoire of gentlemen’s accessories.

R60 Diablo Open

The Stone: The exceptional 60.66-carat fancy orange-brown (“cognac”), modified kite-shaped brilliant diamond set into the R60 and called Diablo by Roland Iten has a Golconda provenance can be traced back almost 160 years (the rough diamond itself is millions of years older).  Its natural orange-brown hue is an extremely rare color for a diamond, which automatically puts it among the most sought-after gems by collectors.  Arguably one of the world’s largest and most striking diamonds, the 60.66-carat cognac-colored gemstone looks quite comfortable in the setting of Iten’s sublime R60 buckle. The stone is clearly visible—as are the complicated mechanics of the caliber beneath it—yet it doesn’t draw an undue amount attention to itself.

R60 Diablo Soldier

The R60 Diablo is a game changer; the dawn of a new era in men’s jewelry; a flag planted at the pinnacle of haute joaillerie. It represents a seamless fusion of one of the world’s finest gemstones with a unique edition masculine buckle, a harmonious blend of art and mechanics, of utility and aesthetics.

The Setting: In traditional settings, a stone’s perimeter is embedded as the basis of securing the stone within the setting. Roland Iten created a masculine setting for the Diablo diamond by insisting that it enhance its rare cut. He invented a unique suspension pillar system and a mechanical mount to allow the stone to “float” above the buckle plate.  The strong, but airy setting ensures the ability to view the diamond’s corners and allows light to pass through from all angles, allowing the full kite-shaped cut to be visible from all sides. Further enhancing the masculine beauty of this setting, drilled openings into the four buttress-style suspension pillars allow a clear side view through to the stone.


The Chassis: The 60.66-carat Type IIa Diablo was formed many millions of years ago and is likely to be around for many millions more. So it is only fitting that the Diablo is displayed in an appropriate setting, one that has been designed from the outset for longevity.

The artful chassis of the Roland Iten R60 calibrated, high-performance, mechanical belt buckle discreetly and easily enables the wearer to adjust with one hand the effective length of the leather strap to a carefully calibrated maximum length of 22 mm (nearly one inch) for superlative comfort whether sitting down, standing up, or strenuously moving around.  It is tactilely pleasurable to operate and because it mechanics and mechanisms are visible through the high-clarity cognac diamond they can be appreciated in operation.

R60 Diablo Top

As all of Iten’s products, it is also designed, developed, and manufactured with the same high precision machines and exacting methodologies that are utilized to create a very fine Swiss watch. And just like a fine Swiss watch, its 100 percent Swiss made, hence affording the longevity needed to last several lifetimes.  

The whole process took close to eight months and involved an extensive team of specialists from fields as diverse as design, project management, three-dimensional computer modeling, manufacturing, watchmaking, gemology, and gem setting.

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A portion of the sale of the R60 Diablo will be donated to the Art Center College of Design, Pasdena, California, Norman Schureman Memorial Scholarship Trust: