Roland Iten


Roland Iten is the inventor and pioneer of Mechanical Luxury for Gentlemen™.  While we welcome genuinely original and creative competitors joining in the success of Roland Iten's trail-blazing mechanical creations, we are less enthusiastic about the arrival of REPRODUCTION buckles and cufflinks based on his inventions.  We are also concerned that some may purchase these REPRODUCTIONS thinking they are purchasing a genuine ROLAND ITEN® creation. Please be aware of the following:
The House of Eight SA is a Swiss company inactive since 2008. Via the website and via the illegal use of the mark:


And/or other marks which have been created to look similar to the trademarks of Roland Iten Mechanical Luxury, a third party is selling REPRODUCTIONS based on the inventions of Roland Iten. This third party neither manufactures or sells genuine ROLAND ITEN® creations.  Please be aware that these REPRODUCTIONS are not controlled, verified and/or signed by Roland Iten himself, nor are these REPRODUCTIONS covered by the Roland Iten Mechanical Luxury Company international Product Guarantee.
Genuine ROLAND ITEN® creations are 100% MANUFACTURED AND ASSEMBLED BY HAND IN GENEVA. They are available only from the Roland Iten Mechanical Luxury Company and the prestigious luxury watch retailers listed in the Retailers section on this website. If you are unsure of a retailer where you would like to purchase, or believe you may have mistakenly purchased a REPRODUCTION,  please contact us by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

Verification of Genuine Roland Iten creation

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