Privacy Policy

To enable Roland Iten SA to provide certain services on this website, we may need to collect and process some personal data from visitors.

Roland Iten SA does this in accordance with Swiss and European Union (GDPR) laws governing the privacy of visitors who access our online services.

“Accessing our online services” means any of the following:

  • browsing this website,
  • filling in a contact form,
  • creating a user account,
  • purchasing an item via the website,
  • subscribing to a newsletter.

The kind of personal data we collect – if any – always depends on the kind of online service you are accessing.

Some technical jargon explained:

Your “IP address” is a string of digits that identifies the device you are using (computer, tablet, smartphone) every time you connect to the Internet. Each visit to a website, from beginning to end, is called a “session”. Roland Iten SA collects the IP addresses of visitors to our website, in order to analyse site usage. Our servers record the following data from each visitor session:

  • the IP address,
  • date and time of visit,
  • which pages were viewed.

However, the person using the device remains anonymous to us.

When you browse our website, our website places “cookies” on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone). These are text files used to identify the device that is connecting to our website via the Internet. When our website has placed a cookie on your device, this enables Roland Iten SA to collect data such as which of our web pages you visited, date of your visit, and your IP address at time of visit.

These cookies do not try and identify you personally. For example, they do not provide information like your street address, email address, phone number, date of birth and so forth.

By using our website, you agree to have these cookies placed on your device. Cookies on your device can be deleted by you at any time.

Roland Iten SA does not provide any personal information to advertisers or third party websites that may refer to our company or our products.

Some examples of data collected by our website:

  • Your browsing history on our website (see IP addresses and cookies, above);
  • If you contact us by email: some personal details like your name, email address or any other contact data you may share in the email;
  • If you create an online account with us: the identifiers used to access that online account, such as your username and encrypted password (the latter not visible to us);
  • If you purchase one of our products from the website: personal and payment information that enable the purchase to go ahead, email conversations regarding the item you are interested in or have purchased.

We may also collect personal data about you indirectly when you share content on social media or other websites relating to our products and services.

Roland Iten SA will not keep your personal data longer than necessary to the purpose for which it was acquired.

It is your legal right to ask for any personal data held on our servers to be corrected or deleted entirely.

Our website may at some point include links to third-party websites.

We disclaim all responsibility for the collection, use, management, sharing or disclosure of data and information by such third parties.

The disclosure of information on third-party sites is governed by the privacy policy and the terms of use of these sites. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of these websites before submitting any personal information.