Calibre R8 MARK II STEEL Collection

Since 1998,  Roland Iten has created the finest,  most complex belt buckles in the world—designed and crafted using the same state-of-the-art machinery as in Swiss watchmaking.  The re-issue of the R8 MK II mechanical buckle IN STEEL AND TITANIUM is a tribute to the long-standing popularity of this model.
Roland Iten R8 mechanical belt buckle in steel and titanium

The R8 Mark II collection has historically been the most sold mechanical belt buckle collection in the Roland Iten stable.  Worn by prominent figures such as Sylvester Stallone,  Roger Federer,  Jackie Chan and Ion Tiriac,  the proportions and lines of this buckle echo those found in sports cars.  And should you need to manoeuvre to and from a low-seated sports car,  or effortlessly tuck in your shirt to straighten it, this model offers a highly technical yet elegant solution.

Originally launched in 2008 with solid gold and titanium and/or a combination of gold, titanium and steel, the updated collection features a new model entirely crafted in steel and titanium.

This rugged and sporty edition is issued in its original 30mm width and features the same five-axel construction comprising over 110 components—more than many high luxury mechanical wristwatch movements—including moveable roller bearings, plates, levers and hinges, as well as the patented “double ardillion” tang to ensure a super grip on the luxuriant leather strap and safeguard its longevity.

The double ardillon (pin or tang) dates back to the 15th century.  It was designed in a vertical line for use in military belt buckles and was considered a more versatile and practical design for weapons carriers because it supported a soldier’s pistol and/or sword more securely than a single ardillon pin.

The double ardillon pin used in Roland Iten’s R8 Mark II collection is a novel and patented “in-line” horizontal  construction which distributes the weight more evenly over the leather strap than a single pin or vertical construction, thus ensuring that the leather strap lasts longer.

While the battles fought by today’s Officers and Gentlemen are more likely to take place in the boardroom than the battlefield,  the raison d’etre for the double ardillon—increased longevity and added security—hasn’t changes over half a millennium.

The R8 Mark II buckle has two positions,  tightening or loosening the leather strap by precisely 35mm, which is the two-thumb measurement a Saville Row tailor traditionally incorporates into a bespoke suit for added comfort.  The buckle can be operated by just one hand for an instant, ergonomic and discreet adjustment.

The R8 Mark II Steel  Collection is 100% made and hand-finished in Switzerland.


    • Five Axel Construction
    • Tension and Impact Control Titanium Architecture
    • One-handed Discrete Buckle Expansion / Contraction Function
    • 0-25mm Buckle Expansion / Contraction Range
    • Mechanically Leverage Leather Strap Insertion Clip
    • Friction Control, Gliding-wheel, Leather Strap Flow Carriage
    • Leather Strap Deformation Control, Patented Guided Double Ardillon Buckle Pointer.
    • Lightweight and Easily operated with one hand
    • Traditional 30mm width

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Quick Facts: Roland Iten R8 MKII Sport Mechanical Belt Buckle in Steel and Titanium
 Lightweight titanium and stainless steel, five-axle construction, friction control guiding wheels, mechanically leveraged belt insertion clip for easy changeability of leather belt, lubrication-free mechanisms
Functions: quick adjustment of length, easy replacement of belts
No. of components: 105
Finishing: haute horlogerie fine finishing
Notable: 100% manufactured in Switzerland
Price: 29,900 Swiss francs (excluding taxes), which includes a high-quality black alligator belt