R822 Mark III Raptor

The R822 Mark III Raptor in steel, red gold and titanium.
Composition: Stainless Steel with Titanium and Red Gold
Limited Edition: Made on demand
Condition: refurbished/new
Price: upon request

The Seriously Playful Roland Iten Calibre R822 mechanical belt buckle features four impressive complications. It is designed, manufactured and assembled to ensure that all mechanisms are self-cleaning with no lubrication required. The body is made from solid gold with a platform made from high-tech titanium.

Collectors' Information

  • Lightweight titanium architecture for tension impact and control
  • 140 grams of 5n red gold
  • 246 TW VVS+ diamond inlays on top side of lever
  • 175 components / 58 individual with an expansion range of 30mm
  • Seven Axle Construction
  • Equipped with 16 (two rows of eight) self-cleaning track wheels that guide the ardillon slide precisely and securely,
  • A sprung ball bearing tensioner and dampener ensures a smooth operation.
  • Expansion/Contraction 0-35mm
  • Friction control guiding wheels
  • Mechanically leveraged belt insertion clip for easy changeability of leather strap
  • Haute Horlogerie fine finishing
Origin: 100% manufactured in Switzerland