RC81 Mark I Charleston Cufflinks


When you rotate the diamond studded lever — which can be worn flipped to one side for a concealed, sober day-time look, or flipped to the other side to reveal a 20 TW VVS1 diamond studded night time extravaganza — an optimal force translation results in sixteen pirouetting parts in its internal “gearbox” (that’s right, these cufflinks have a gearbox!) to turn and lock the link into your cuff, affording you the tightest fit of any cufflink available today.

Excellent for those occasions when you simply can’t afford to have your cuff peering out from under your jacket.

Composition: White Gold with White Diamonds
Limited Edition: 1 of 10 pieces
Condition: refurbished/new

Price: upon request

Collectors' Information

  • Total Weight: 51.5 grams per set
  • 48.5 Grams Solid White Gold
  • 47 total components
  • One handed operation
  • Patented cascade sorting lever with recoil spring function
  • Aluminium back panel blocks card reading scanners
  • Holds and cascades up to six credit cards
Origin: 100% manufactured in Switzerland