RCD82 Mark II Player Card Dispenser

The RCD82 Mark II Player card dispenser "trio"

You may think that the purpose of this limited-edition RCD82 Mechanically Performing Credit Card Holder is to house and dispense your credit cards — but it’s much more than that.

Issued in a limited-edition series of 80, and further customised to 10 each by colour and material, this card holder is code for “I’m untouchable”. Place it on the table of your favourite restaurant, flash it at your golf or tennis club, play with it on your friend’s yacht or your private jet, and those around you will immediately understand that you are a gentleman of discerning taste, style and financial means.

As you demonstrate, with one-handed ease, the cascading of up to six of your most important credit cards, and collapse them back inside the case with the same one-handed action, you deliver the killer line to the already jealous onlooker — “There are only 10 of these in the world” … then hand it to him or her, and say: “Open it using only one hand!” — They can’t! Only you know the secret of its superior functionality.

The RCD82 is not just a pretty face, however, as the titanium and aluminium surfaces protect your credit cards inside against bending and other damage, and shields them from radio waves — an important security consideration for safeguarding private information from wireless card readers.

Composition: Titanium, Aluminium, Steel Frame, Red Gold Buttons
Limited Edition: 3 of 3
Condition: refurbished/new

Price: upon request

* Natural Titanium/Aluminium w/ Black Carbon Frame
* Blackened Titanium/Aluminium w/ Black Carbon Frame
* Blackened Titanium/Aluminium w/ Red Carbon Frame

Collectors' Information

  • Total Weight: 135 grams
  • 84 total components / 29 individual
  • 16 TWVVS1+ diamonds on sorting lever
  • One handed operation
  • Patented cascade sorting lever with recoil spring function
  • Aluminium back panel blocks card reading scanners
  • Holds and cascades up to six credit cards
Origin: 100% manufactured in Switzerland