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We’ve been making mechanically performing belt buckles and other mechanical accessories for gentlemen for over 15 years now. But because we make each collection in limited and numbered series, there aren’t many out there.

So despite the numerous merchants offering pre-owned (and pre-loved) pieces on the market today, Roland Iten pieces are pretty hard to find. We get it. They are expensive, so you want to be sure the piece is in excellent condition when you receive it.

And while there is a whole industry out there to repair and restore fine timepieces, there is only one place in the world where a Roland Iten piece can be expertly examined and authenticated, repaired, refurbished and issued good as new with our unlimited guarantee — at our manufacturing facility, Montanari in St. Imier.

So if you’re looking for good value on a pre-owned Roland Iten piece, you’re in the right place.

Pre-owned Pieces

All prices available on request

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