R782 Mark I Flyback

R782 Flyback mechanical belt

The R782 “Flyback”, named for its semi-automatic deployment mechanism, allows the wearer to effortlessly “charge” the buckle to the active-wear position and with one click, releasing the de-cock trigger lock, to send it thrusting back to the relaxed position — an expansion range of 40mm within two positions.

The principle upon which the R782 functions is tension. With one smooth movement, the charging lever transports the fixed ardillon vertically “over the axis”, from the relaxed position to the active wear position. The buckle calibre can be secured in this position by activating the trigger lock.

Once released, however, all that is needed is a simple nudge to kick the charging lever back to a comfortable relaxed position. The rapid speed at which this action is performed has inspired its name: “fly back”.

R782 Flyback mechanical belt buckle
Composition: Solid White Gold Pavé, Titanium, Diamonds
Limited Edition: Unique edition
Condition: refurbished/new

Price: upon request

Collectors' Information

  • Lightweight titanium architecture for tension impact and control
  • 50 grams of 18K White gold
  • 150 TWVVS1+ Diamonds
  • Total Weight: 105 grams
  • 88 components / 37 Individual
  • Over the axe, tension-controlled expansion and contraction range of 30mm
  • 5 Axle Construction
  • Trigger lock mechanism
  • Mechanically leveraged belt insertion clip for easy changeability of leather strap
  • Haute Horlogerie fine finishing
Origin: 100% manufactured in Switzerland