RZ8 Mark I Ziletto Cufflinks


RZ8 “Ziletto” cufflinks employ a sophisticated push-button ejection mechanism and a unique click-controlled, sliding sleeve calibration system. The former conceals the diamond studded “bullets” for sober business activities, or with a simple press of the button ejects the bullets at lightening speed to reveal their 30 TW VVS1 diamonds (60 per set) when a more festive look is desired.
The calibration device is incorporated into the cufflink “wing” and allows a six-position fine adjustment to ensure the cuff fits comfortably, either above or beneath watches of varying dimensions. It also enables a more convenient sleeve position when washing one’s hands.

Composition: Blackened Steel, White Gold, Diamond Bullets
Limited Edition: Unique set
Condition: new

Price: upon request

Collectors' Information

  • Total Weight: 42 grams/ set of two
  • 32 total components / 16 individual
  • 32 total components
  • World’s first calibration wing device for a cufflink
  • Calibration range of 5mm allowing for fine adjustment for shirt cuff
  • One handed operation
Origin: 100% manufactured in Switzerland