The R18 Superdriver

Roland Iten Launches the SUPERDRIVER:
A Mechanical Belt Buckle Designed Exclusively for Supercar Afficionados

You asked. We answered.

Clients have been demanding a sporty mechanical buckle with a larger width than his classic buckles. With the R18 SUPERDRIVER, Roland not only delivers his first 35mm-wide sport buckle, but he also makes good on another desire of many clients—customisable and/or bespoke options.

Roland Iten’s new ultra-exclusive SUPERDRIVER mechanical belt buckle reflects the sleekness and meticulous attention to detail found in supercar design, discreetly incorporating the “face” of a client’s supercar or classic car into the curvature and lines of this new patent pending buckle.





Technical Features

It operates using an ingenious sliding wheel system and is completely self-cleaning, requiring no lubrication.

Four complications distinguish this innovative system:
  • the SUPERDRIVER flow carriage with a rolling-wheel mechanism and friction control,
  • the mechanical leverage leather strap insertion clip,
  • the leverage leather strap release system,
  • the self-locking mechanism that prevents accidental release.

The simple action of loosening and tightening the belt buckle activates six low friction wheels driving on three tracks along a powerful, mechanically leveraged flow carriage.

According to Iten, it produces “the smoothest” buckle expansion that he has created to date. Coupled with its moving pinons, the manipulation of this buckle is both a delight to the touch and a pleasure to the ears, producing a subtle and gratifying series of clicks. Hence the two words most often used to describe Iten’s inventions: Seriously Playful™.

The Superdriver Supercar connection

The SUPERDRIVER is the latest creation in a long line of luxury mechanical belt buckles that have been seducing gentlemen for over two decades.


This is not the first time that Roland has used his experience in car design when creating a mechanical belt buckle: the first was the  partnership with Bugatti in 2009, which resulted in a limited edition series resembling the Veyron.


With the SUPERDRIVER, Roland takes a bespoke approach, offering clients the possibility of incorporating the lines of their own Supercar into the design of the “hood” of the buckle. Roland claims that using the same high-performance chassis, within the same 3.4mm thickness of the hood, he can create any Supercar a client might desire—new or vintage.

And more ...

The client can also match certain details of the buckle to the color of his supercar’s bodywork, and/or coordinate the color of the calfskin leather strap and stitching to his car’s interior.

Superdriver Technical Features


  • 11 axel construction
  • Six low friction wheels sliding on three tracks along a powerful, mechanically leveraged SUPERDRIVER flow carriage with friction control
  • Tension and impact control titanium architecture
  • 0-35mm buckle expansion/contraction range
  • 169 components (of which there are 59 different individually-engineered components)
  • Weight: 93-122 grams (depending on the choice of materials)
  • Self-locking mechanism to prevent accidental release

Driver-Assistance Features

  • Easy, one-handed discrete buckle expansion and contraction function
  • Mechanical leveraged leather strap insertion clip
  • Leather strap deformation control
  • Guided single prong and buckle pointer


  • 35mm calfskin leather straps are available in a wide choice of colors (exotic skins available on request)
  • Buckles are available in 18-karat white gold, 18-karat 5N red gold, and/or steel, all with a titanium architecture and the ability to further customise some parts with coloured titanium and/or aluminum components.
  • Engravings and custom gem-settings are also possible, making each buckle a truly unique piece.